Dalian Yishui International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, China. The West Pacific Coast Corporation of the United States is a branch company. Our company is currently engaged in the wholesale and sales of imported seafood and imported agricultural products. The main product is pen tube fish (small squid in California market in the United States), and its annual import sales share accounts for more than 40% of China's pen tube fish import sales. It is one of the importers specializing in pen tube fish in the Chinese market. The sales share is among the best in the Chinese market! Imported seafood products include: American penguin fish, Spanish squid, Peruvian squid, Ecuador, India and other countries vannamei, Canadian mullet, Arctic sweet shrimp, Boston lobster, Dungeness crab, Vietnamese pangasius; imported agricultural products include: American hazelnuts, American almonds, American pistachios, Ecuadorian bananas.
Based on the principles of integrity management, mutual benefit and common development, the company has assembled supply chains on a global scale. With a global perspective, it has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with competitive partners around the world, and the supply of goods is stable and sufficient!
The company's purpose: based on the global food supply chain market, to meet the needs of domestic consumers, and to seek continuous development;
Entrepreneurial spirit: hard work, pursuit of excellence
Business philosophy: integrity service, mutual benefit and win-win