Squid, squid, pentube fish can't tell the difference

2020-04-18 13:08

Squid body conical, pale, with light brown spots, large head, front of the birth of 10 feet, squid generally have to go to the deep sea fishing, offshore no, catch up the squid will die, generally on the ship quick-frozen preservation.

Squid, also known as cuttlefish, has pigment sacs in its skin, which will change color and size with the change of "mood", and the squid bone shell on the back is medicated, and the taste is similar to that of squid, but the taste is much better than that of squid.

The pen tube fish has a conical shape, like a pen tube, small in size, no more than 15 cm long, it looks the most similar to squid, mainly distributed in the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, Dalian area.